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DJ Domo (((6.Jul 2013)))

DJ Domo (((Harlem, Cotton Club)))


Saturday 16 August: I put all my 6blues compilations into one MP3.
I wish you best listen :)



Monday 2.6.2014 I made Blues Compilation Vol.6…. I wish the best listening :-)

Friday 6.12.2013 – I made Blues Compilation Vol.5 and after this (11.12.2013) I made one big blues mix, with all five compilations.

Sunday 3.11.2013 – I made Blues Compilation Vol. 4 and I made mix for it too.
6 months after my rest of music.

Thursday 17.10.2013 – I release my soul and funk at all in one rar. file. This file included 4Compilations Of Soul and Funk in one mp3. 9hour 30minutes and The last compilation Of Soul and Funk, Compilation 5 – 60minutes mix.

Saturday 13.4.2013
Today I definitely completed my third blues compilation.
I wish U really, really good listening :)


(Friday, 14.12.2012)
I just made my fifth compilation of soul and funk, this is my last soul-funk compilation, now I am devoted to blues music.


  • Something about me:

They call me DJ Domo, I am DJ for soul, funk and for blues music too.
So I am very special on this time because I have in this genres many successful projects.

You can also find here my old time mixes, I mean: on dance, hip-hop or reggae styles..

For example, In the top menu, you can find my soul-funk compilations, which are carefully selected music tracks so that each of these songs on the compilation you made a good impression to guarantee a pleasant listening.

So choose from the top menu exactly this, what you want to find.